Elections Duty Payment 2024

Election Duty Payment 2024 All You Need To Know

The Ministry of Finance sent Rs17.4 billion to the ECP. The Finance Division shared in a statement that they provided an extra Rs17.4 billion, in addition to the Rs10 billion already released for the country’s general elections in July 2023.

On Monday, Acting Communication Minister Murtaza Solangi reassured the public that the upcoming elections on February 8 are on track, and there’s no financial problem causing any delays. He emphasized that the required funds would be released promptly, following the ECP’s guidelines, despite some media reports suggesting otherwise.

This announcement aims to make sure that individuals providing essential services during elections receive their compensation quickly. Swift payment of election duty compensations is a vital aspect of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s commitment to ensuring a smooth electoral process.

Election Duties Payment 2024 Pakistan

Upon receiving notification, individuals involved in election-related tasks will receive timely payments. The Finance Division has been instructed to disburse the necessary funds, ensuring that all employees handling election-related responsibilities are paid promptly.

The Presiding Officer is responsible for disbursing the amount to polling staff on the same day and acknowledging it. On the other hand traffic police is responsible to arrange the transport for polling staff movement. The below chart explains the Election duty payment details.

Staff CategoryPayment Amount
Presiding OfficerRs. 8000/-
Assistant Presiding OfficerRs. 4500/-
Polling OfficerRs. 4500/-
AttendantRs. 2000/-

On the other side, Returning Officers are unable to assign election duties to employees due to a glitch in Election Management System EMS. The newly introduced software/tool called “EMS” goes down and all saved data is not showing.

NADRA experts and ECP teams are working to fix the issue and make sure smoothly working on the day of elections. Pending election duties create uncertainty and employees are yet not assured about their duty station.

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