BISE Multan Matric 10th Class Result 2024

BISE Multan Matric 10th Class Result 2024 –

BISE Multan Board Matric 10th Class Result 2024 will be announced on 9th July 2024 at 10:00 AM.

BISE Multan 10th Class Result 2024

The BISE Multan Board conducted the 10th Class exams in May 2024, starting on the 10th. For students who took these exams, the results are now available. Students can access their results through several methods, detailed below, on the official website

Methods to Check Your Multan Board Result 2024

By Name:

  • Visit the BISE Multan official result page.
  • Enter your name and father’s name.
  • Select the year and click the search button.
  • Your SSC Part-2 results will be displayed.

By Roll Number:

  • Go to the BISE Multan website and click on the result window.
  • Enter your Roll Number and the year of the exams.
  • Click search to view your results.
Matric Result
Matric Result


  • For students without internet access, SMS is the easiest method.
  • Send your Roll Number to the code 800293.
  • You will receive a message with your total obtained marks.

By Gazette:

  • The complete gazette will be available on the official website one hour after the result announcement.
  • Download the gazette in PDF format to view your results.

Additional Details

All public and private students affiliated with BISE Multan can check their results online through the methods mentioned above. For further details and FAQs, visit the Parho Pakistan page.

About BISE Multan

Established under the West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (Multan and Sargodha) Ordinance, 1968, BISE Multan is now governed by the Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, 1976.

Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Punjab

There are nine BISE boards in Punjab, which include:

  • Bahawalpur Board
  • D.G. Khan Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Multan Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Sargodha Board
  • Sahiwal Board

Students can check the results for all Punjab boards online.

SMS Codes for All Boards:

  • Multan: 800293
  • DG Khan: 800295
  • Gujranwala: 800299
  • Rawalpindi: 800296
  • Lahore: 80029
  • Bahawalpur: 800298
  • Sargodha: 800290
  • Faisalabad: 800240
  • Sahiwal: 800292

Upcoming Results

The SSC Part-I results will be announced on 19th September 2024. Intermediate results for 11th and 12th classes are expected in October and November. The 12th Class results will be announced on 20th October 2024, and the 11th Class results on 17th November 2024.

Top position holders will be announced a day before the official result announcements to encourage and reward the students for their hard work.

For more details on Matric and Intermediate results for all nine boards, stay connected with Parho Pakistan.

What Student Should do After Matric Exams

Receiving your matriculation (10th grade) results marks a significant milestone in your academic journey. It opens up various pathways for your future. Here are some steps and considerations to help you navigate the next phase:

1. Evaluate Your Interests and Strengths
  • Reflect on your academic strengths and personal interests.
  • Consider subjects you excelled in and enjoyed during your matriculation.
2. Choose a Stream for Intermediate Studies
  • Science (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering): Ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, engineering, or other technical fields.
  • Commerce: Suitable for those interested in business, finance, or accounting.
  • Arts/Humanities: Best for students with a passion for social sciences, languages, or creative fields.
  • Computer Science: Perfect for those aiming for a career in information technology or software development.
3. Research Colleges and Programs
  • Look for colleges that offer strong programs in your chosen stream.
  • Consider the college’s reputation, faculty, resources, and extracurricular opportunities.
4. Prepare for Admission Tests
  • Some colleges and programs require entrance exams.
  • Prepare thoroughly for these tests to secure admission to your desired institution.
5. Explore Vocational and Technical Training
  • If traditional academic routes are not appealing, consider vocational training programs.
  • These programs provide practical skills and can lead to certifications in various trades and industries.
6. Consider Online Learning
  • Online courses and certifications can supplement your education.
  • Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy offer courses in a wide range of subjects.
7. Plan for Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Participate in activities that enhance your skills and interests.
  • Joining clubs, sports teams, or volunteering can provide valuable experiences.
8. Seek Guidance from Mentors and Counselors
  • Talk to teachers, school counselors, and professionals in your field of interest.
  • They can provide insights and advice on making informed decisions.
9. Stay Informed About Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Research scholarships, grants, and financial aid options available for your chosen stream.
  • Apply for as many as you qualify for to ease the financial burden of further studies.
10. Set Clear Goals
  • Define your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Create a roadmap that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve these goals.
11. Stay Positive and Open-Minded
  • The transition after matric results can be challenging, but stay positive.
  • Be open to new opportunities and flexible with your plans.

The period following your matric results is a crucial time to make decisions that will shape your future. By carefully evaluating your interests, researching your options, and seeking guidance, you can make informed choices that align with your career aspirations and personal goals.


How can I check my BISE Multan Matric Result 2024?

You can check it via SMS, Name, Roll Number, and Gazette.

What is the date of the 10th Class Result BISE Multan 2024?

The result announcement date is 9th July 2024.

How can I check my result through Roll Number?

Visit the BISE Multan website, enter your Roll Number, and click the search button.

How can I check my Multan 10th Class Matric Result 2024 by name?

Visit the BISE Multan website, enter your Father’s name and Student Name, then click the search button.

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