Punjab Bike Scheme Draw Results

CMYI Punjab Bike Scheme for Students Draw Results and Online Application

The Punjab Bike Scheme for Students is an initiative launched by the government of Punjab, Pakistan, aimed at providing easy and affordable transportation to students across the province. This scheme is part of broader efforts to support educational pursuits by reducing transportation barriers that many students face, especially those residing in rural or underdeveloped areas.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced this scheme under CMYI Program. Both Males & Females students can apply. The last date for online applications is29th April 2024. Balloting and Draws will be held after that.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Bike Scheme

To qualify for the Punjab Bike Scheme, applicants must meet several criteria:

  1. Residency: The student must be a resident of Punjab and 18 years Old.
  2. Educational Enrollment: Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited educational institution within the province, ranging from colleges to universities.
  3. Age Limit: There is usually an age limit to ensure the scheme benefits the most needy and appropriate age group.
  4. Must hold a valid motorcycle Learner’s Permit / Driving Licence.
  5. Distance Learning Universites like AIOU and VU are not eligible.
Punjab Bike Scheme for Students

Scheme Details

The scheme typically provides motorcycles at subsidized rates, which are easier to maintain and run than cars and are more suited to the varied terrain of the province. The bikes are awarded based on:

  • Application Process: Students need to apply through the official portal https://bikes.punjab.gov.pk/.
  • Documentation: Required documents generally include a valid ID, proof of enrollment, academic records, and proof of residency.

Punjab Bike Scheme Balloting Result Draws

The allocation of bikes under the Punjab Bike Scheme is conducted through a transparent balloting process. The total number of students are 800,000 and bikes are only 20,000. Therefore Computerized Balloting will be held. This ensures fairness and impartiality in the distribution of motorcycles among the applicants. Here’s how it works:

  • Draws: The names of eligible candidates are drawn randomly in a public setting, which may be broadcasted for transparency.
  • Results: The results of these draws are typically announced publicly and made available online on the official scheme website or through respective educational institutions.
  • Distribution: Those who are selected in the draw are then guided through the process of claiming their bike, which includes final verifications and completion of any remaining formalities.


The Punjab Bike Scheme for Students represents a significant step towards enhancing student mobility and thereby improving access to education in Punjab. By reducing one of the major barriers to education transportation the scheme hopes to foster higher attendance rates, decrease dropout rates, and encourage academic success among students. The balloting system ensures that the process remains transparent and fair, adding to the integrity and effectiveness of the scheme.

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