Iesco Bill Online Check

Iesco Bill Online Check Duplicate with Reference No and Customer ID

Islamabad Electric Supply Company Iesco Bill is available online. You can check your latest month’s iesco bill online and download a duplicate bill. The original bill in colored copies is sent to your home by iesco company through postal services.

Iesco Bill Online Check Duplicate

Iesco bill online check duplicate

What is the iesco reference number and Customer ID?

A Reference number is usually 14 digits for Domestic users like the common public and this is the only number you have to enter. Entering your reference number will allow you to search through the IESCO website for duplicate bills.

Corporate Users have their 10 Digits customer IDs to get the online iesco bill and duplicate copy. They don’t have reference numbers like common domestic users. But they may have reference numbers on their bills.

Components of an IESCO Bill:

  • Consumer Information: Your IESCO bill contains your personal details such as name, address, and consumer ID.
  • Billing Period: The bill specifies the duration for which the charges are calculated.
  • Meter Reading: The meter reading indicates the amount of electricity consumed during the billing period.
  • Units Consumed: The total units consumed are mentioned, usually measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Tariff Details: The bill displays the tariff category and rate at which electricity is charged.
  • Fixed Charges: These are the fixed charges that apply regardless of your energy consumption.
  • Energy Charges: This section reflects the cost of the units consumed based on the applicable tariff rate.
  • Taxes and Surcharges: The government or regulatory bodies levied additional taxes and surcharges.
  • Total Bill Amount: The sum of all the charges, including taxes, surcharges, and outstanding dues (if any)

Reading Your IESCO Bill:

  • Understand the units: Ensure you are aware of the unit of measurement used (kWh) and how it relates to your energy usage.
  • Review the meter reading: Verify that the meter reading mentioned on the bill aligns with the reading on your electricity meter.
  • Check for accuracy: Examine all the charges and calculations to ensure they are accurate.
  • Understand the tariff: Familiarize yourself with the tariff category you fall under and the corresponding rates.
  • Note the due date: Pay attention to the due date to avoid late payment charges or disconnection.

Payment Options to Pay Iesco Bill:

  • Online Payments: IESCO provides various online platforms where you can pay your bill conveniently using debit/credit cards or online banking.
  • Bank Payments: You can also visit authorized banks and make your payment over the counter or through automated teller machines (ATMs).
  • Mobile Wallets: Utilize mobile wallet applications Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Upaisa, and others to make quick and hassle-free bill payments.
  • Customer Service Centers: Visit the nearest IESCO customer service center and pay your bill in person.
  • Post Offices: You can pay your iesco bill at your nearest post office.

Reducing Energy Consumption:

  • Energy-efficient appliances: Opt for energy-efficient appliances that consume less electricity without compromising performance.
  • LED Lighting: Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LED lights.
  • Unplug unused devices: Turn off and unplug appliances and electronics when not in use to eliminate standby power consumption.
  • Efficient cooling and heating: Set your air conditioner and heater to optimal temperatures and use them judiciously.
  • Insulation and weatherstripping: Insulate your home and seal gaps to prevent heat loss or gain, reducing the need for excessive cooling or heating.

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