Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024 for all Govt Employees

Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024 for all Govt Employees after Budget 2024-25

Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024 for all Govt Employees after Budget 2024-25 is available now. In this chart, all increments are calculated for all stages. This chart is for all scales from BPS-01 to BPS-22 including BPS-16 and BPS-17. You can also read Budget 2024 in full detail.

Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024-2025

Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024-2025

Pay Scale Salary Chart 2024-2025 Download PDF

Salary Increase by 25%

Federal Cabinet approved an increase of 25% in salaries for employees from Grades 1-16. For grades 17 and above a 22% increase in salary is approved.

Pension Increases by 15%

Federal Government approved an increment of 15% in the pension of Government employees. Minimum wages in ICT will be Rs. 36,000.

Salary increase in budget 2024

Salary Tax Slabs 2024-25 Pakistan

Monthly SalaryAnnual SalaryAnnual Tax CurrentMonthly Tax CurrentAnnual Tax NewMonthly Tax NewIncrease

The table you provided details a comparison of current and proposed tax liabilities based on different monthly salary levels. Here’s a concise breakdown:

  1. Monthly Salary: This column lists various gross monthly income levels, starting from 50,000 and extending up to 3,000,000.
  2. Annual Salary: Calculated by multiplying the monthly salary by 12, this column represents the annual gross income for each salary level.
  3. Annual Tax Current: Shows the total tax payable per year under the current tax regime for each salary bracket.
  4. Monthly Tax Current: The monthly equivalent of the current annual tax, obtained by dividing the annual tax by 12.
  5. Annual Tax New: The proposed annual tax payable under a new tax regime for each salary level.
  6. Monthly Tax New: The monthly equivalent of the proposed annual tax.
  7. Increase: Represents the increase in monthly tax from the current to the new regime, highlighting the additional tax burden under the proposed changes.

Essentially, this table is used to compare the current and new tax burdens for different income levels, illustrating how much more or less individuals would pay monthly and annually under a new tax system.

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