WhatsApp New Feature Admin can Delete Group Member’s Messages

Whatsapp Messenger or Simply Whatsapp is a World renowned free instant messaging and Voice Over Service owned by an American Company. It is used all over the World. Meta platforms ( Formerly Facebook) owned Whatsapp. The Meta company introducing new features and structure of Whatsapp for its user. The main purpose of the new features is to make it easier for the people in this Technology era.

Recently Whatsapp introduce a new feature through which an Admin of the Whatsapp group can delete the messages of any member within a specific time. Before this feature, any members who send the message in the group and later on want to delete its message can do it by using the option “delete for Everyone” within a specific time. But now even though members don’t want to delete their messages, the admin will have the authority to delete any message by using the “Delete for Everyone “option within the specific time period. After a certain time passed, the admin will not be able to delete the messages.

WhatsApp New Feature Admin can Delete  Group Member's Messages

How can Get this New Feature

If you are an admin of the group and want to avail this feature, then visit Play Store and update your “Whatsapp ” application, then automatically it will be updated and will be available for the Admin. The new updates of the Application include this feature.

Is It Helpful

This new feature of Whatsapp is helpful for the admins who are managing numerious groups in the Whatsapp Messenger app. Sometimes as a admin you cannot stop your memebers from sharing any thing whether it is useful or not. But now with this feature being an admin you have the control to delete any text or information shared by a member in the group , which is not useful according to the admin thinking.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Can Group Admin delete Photos in WhatsApp for Everyone

Yes with the new Whatsapp feature, an admin can delete Photos or Messages in the group by using the option “Delete for Everyone”.

  • How to Delete Post in WhatsApp group by Admin for Everyone after 7 minutes

To Delete the post click on the particular post, then there will be three options, choose the option “delete for everyone”.

  • Can Admin Delete Whatsapp message for everyone after the time limit

No, after a certain time limit Admin cannot delete the message. Only within a specific time period admin can delete the messages.

Whatsapp History

Whatsapp messenger application was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Both were employees of Tech Giant Yahoo. Now its become one of the most used applications in the World. It is used for both Personal and Commercial purposes. Whatsapp Business Account helps individuals to deal with their business activities. Through group creation, you can share any idea or news with hundreds of people by just sending it once in a specific group.

Founders of the Whatsapp application Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Founded the app in 2009
Jan Koum and Brian Acton Founder of the Whatsapp

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