Punjab Students Received Old and Damaged Textbooks for New Academic Year

The Punjab Government’s effort to provide new textbooks did not meet the results. Students across the Province start the new academic session with outdated textbooks.

According to a private news channel, students have been given old and damaged textbooks instead of the eagerly awaited new ones.

The delay in printing new textbooks has led to students not receiving them on schedule, forcing them to make do with old ones. With its vast student population of over 15 million Punjab requires more than 50 million textbooks to meet demand.

Sources suggest that new textbook printing may not be completed until summer break. Teachers have raised concerns regarding the difficulties students face when studying from outdated textbooks.

Teachers have noted the significant challenges students are facing when studying from worn-out textbooks, with more than half of them already showing signs of wear and tear. Moreover, students are showing little interest in studying from these old materials.

Rana Liaqat Ali, the General Secretary, emphasized that the Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) holds the responsibility of ensuring essential facilities in schools, including the timely provision of textbooks.

He highlighted that despite changes in government, the officers within PMIU remain the same, underlining the need for accountability and efficient management to address such issues promptly.

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