Addition of New Subjects after 28 Years from Class 9 to 12

Addition of New Subjects after 28 Years from Class 9 to 12

After more than 28 years, the addition of new subjects has been initiated for classes IX to XII. Alongside, optional subjects, trades for technical education, and additional technical subjects are also set to receive upgrades. Dr. Maryam Chaghatai, the Director of the National Curriculum Council, emphasizes that students will now have access to contemporary subjects aligned with the demands of the modern era.

Dr. Chaghatai further elaborates that a total of 83 articles will undergo revisions. The compulsory subjects last underwent updates in 2006, while optional subjects saw revisions back in 1995. In Sindh, this year, the new curriculum will be introduced for optional subjects in Classes 9 and 12. Subsequently, in the following year, the upgraded curriculum will extend to classes 10 and 12.

The Director of the National Curriculum Council underscores that Sindh will have the liberty to update its curriculum according to its specific needs and preferences.

Technical education subjects have expanded to encompass a diverse range of fields, such as medical technology, fashion design, and dressmaking. Furthermore, new subjects like graphic designing, media production, hospitality, tourism management, and data coding have been incorporated into the curriculum.

In addition to these, several other technical subjects will be available for grades 9 to 12, including advertising and telecommunication technology. Alongside, subjects such as civil construction, computer application, computer hardware, marketing, and entrepreneurship will also be part of the curriculum.

Students will have the opportunity to delve into various areas of expertise, including event management, food processing, motor winding, automation, robotics technology, and welding. These additions aim to provide students with a comprehensive and practical education that aligns with the demands of the modern world.

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