Punjab Announces Bike Launch date and Instalment plan

Finally, Punjab Announces Bike Scheme Launch Date and Payment Details

As promised by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, the distribution of electric and petrol bikes among the Punjab citizen’s launch date has been announced.

During a meeting, the Punjab administration announced the plan for 20,000 bike distribution. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the up-gradation of transport facilities for students across the province.

Hybrid bus services for students also came under discussion during this meeting.

How Many Bikes Will Be Distributed?

The provincial Government will provide 20,000 bikes including 1000 e-bikes and 19000 petrol bikes. Students will not charged interest rates on installment amounts.

Payment & Monthly Installments

An individual can acquire e-bikes with a monthly installment of Rs. 10,000, while petrol bikes are available for Rs. 5,000 per month. The Punjab administration collaborates with the Bank of Punjab to facilitate the citizen’s timely payment and distribution of bikes.

Installment For E-Bike ( Per Month)10,000/- PKR
Installment For Petrol Bike ( Per Month)5000 /- PKR

Delivery of Bikes

The government will hold a draw in May to ensure transparency in the scheme. Most likely the date will be 9th May 2024.

Quota for Bikes

In rural areas, 70% of the quota will be reserved for male students and 30% for female students. In urban areas, the quota will be 50% reserved for male students and 50% for female students.

AreaQuota for MalesQuota for Females

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