3 Weekly Holidays and Work from Home LHC Order

Lahore High Court Ordered Punjab Govt to announce 3 Weekly Holidays and Work from Home

The Lahore High Court LHC has ordered the Punjab Education Department and Govt of Punjab to announce 3 weekly holidays in Punjab Public and Private schools and work from home.

The decision has been made today in a hearing in the court. Although Lahore High Court has already directed Govt of Punjab about 3 weekly holidays Dr. Murad Raas denied ordering 3 holidays. He said that there are December test papers in schools so no holidays can be announced.

Due to smog in Lahore and other cities of Punjab, LHC has taken strict action because there are more accidents in these days due to smog. In this situation, it is risk-taking about the innocent lives of students.

Justice Shahid Kareem ordered Punjab Govt to present a notification of 3 days’ holidays tomorrow 7 December 2022 in LHC. On the other hand, Education Department is not serious about the holiday decision.

Although CM Punjab Pervez Elahi has already declared an environmental emergency in the province of Punjab due to smog issues.

Now if the Punjab govt fails to present a notification in court, then court can raise the issue of contempt of court on govt. It should be clear here that the court has ordered holidays in Lahore only.

Murad Raas in a press conference said that there can be early winter vacations but due to the examinations in schools it is not possible to announce 3 days off.

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