Pending Election Duty Orders - Quick Delivery Needed for Polling Teams

Pending Election Duty Orders – Quick Delivery Needed for Polling Teams

The General Elections 2024 is on its edge, with only three days left for turnout. The GE in Pakistans is scheduled for 8 February 2024. The Election Commission of Pakistan is all set to arrange this big event and do the maximum to make it smooth. However, still, Election duties orders are still not completely delivered to Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding, Polling Officers, and Attendants.

It is important to remember that Presiding Officers, Polling Officers, and Attendants are core team members for the management of the polling booth and vote counting.

The Returning Officers ( RO) are responsible for delivering the orders for Election Duties. The delay in orders is due to a technical glitch in the Election Management System ( EMS). The recently launched software EMS for General Elections 2024 shows the weakness of the system.

The duties were assigned polling-wise to the employees, but it was observed that the names of the staff that were uploaded earlier on EMS were found missing later on. This weakness of the system has created many issues and also raises question marks on the reliability and validity of the tool/software.

The NADRA technical team and ECP employees should communicate with each other to resolve this issue. It has become a headache for the undersigned as well as for all the Returning Officers. This is a genuine concern that can further create expected and unexpected problems in the smooth and fair conduct of the General Elections 2024.

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