Pro Rata Consumption in Electricity Bills

What is Pro Rata Consumption in Electricity Bills

Pro Rata Consumption is the new term for Pakistani citizens. In electricity bills there is new term mentioned by the name of “Pro Rata Consumption”. We will see that what is this term. Is it about over billing by Electrcity companies like IESCO, Fesco, Lesco, Pesco and K-Electric etc.

According to the NEPRA Rules billing cycle is always for 30 Days. All bills are calculated on 30 Days. But our Companies mentioned different reading dates. For Example the Reading Date is 26th April but bill will be calculated upto 30 April. Therefore the actual units on meter and the units in bill calculation are different. These extra units are assumed and called Pro Rata Consumption.

If any user get bill of 31 days then he will get less units because the cycle was of 31 days which is not according to the rules of NEPRA.

In the below mentioned example bill of an iesco user we can see clearly that mentioned units and meter picture shows different unites. The term pro rata means Average Calculation.

Pro Rata Consumption

You can see in this bill that the reading date is 26 April 2024. The units in the meter picture are 7062 while in the present reading 7057 is written. This is becuase the reading date in March was before the 26th March. Therefore the billing period exceeds 30 days and 5 unites are minus from actual reading.

پرو ریٹا کنزمپشن کا مطلب ہے کہ اگر آپ کی 2 مہینوں کی ریڈنگ تاریخوں میں 30دن سے زیادہ کا فرق ہے تو آپ کی یونٹس کو اصل یونٹس سے منفی کیا جائے گا اور اگر آپ کی ریڈنگ تاریخ کا دورانیہ 30 دن سے کم تھا تو آپ کو میٹر پر موجود یونٹس سے زیادہ یونٹس کا بل دیا جائے گا۔ یہ اوور بلنگ نہیں ہے بلکہ اس میں فائدہ صارف کا ہی ہو گا۔

Pro Rata Consumption by NEPRA

What is the meaning of pro rata use?

In the terms of bills if duration is more then 30 days or less then 30 days then pro rata use will be calculated.

What is Pro Rata Consumption in Electricity Bills?

Reading dates difference of less than 30 days or more than 30 days create pro rata consumption.

Is Pro Rata Consumption over billing?

No It is not over billing if pro rata consumption is mentioned on your bills.

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